Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine VGT-1860QTD 6 ลิตร

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ime setting:1-99 minutes adjustable
Temperature setting:0-80 degC adjustable
Superior quality SCM chip
Material: Stainless steel with diamond-shaped figures.

ยี่ห้อสินค้า (Brand) ของHong Kong
รหัสสินค้า: VGT-1860QTD หมวดหมู่:
ระยะเวลาจัดส่งสินค้า: 7 ถึง 14 วัน
การจัดส่งสินค้า: ฟรีทาง Kerry หรือ ไปรษณีย์


Time setting:1-99 minutes adjustable
Temperature setting: 0 to 80℃ Adjustable
Superior quality SCM chip
Material: Stainless steel with diamond-shaped figures.
(Tank, Housing, Basket, Lid)
Secure and stable PCBA
Digital display with memory function
CE/FCC tested and approval

Lab ultrasonic cleaners /Medical Ultrasonic cleaners can be used for glasses shop, clock and watch shop,jewelry shop, mobilphone repair shop, office and household articles,gifts to clean glasses,earring,necklaces,rings,jewelry,watches,denture,inkjet printerhead,bracelets,electronic products,shave head,nib,coins,nipple.


Model VGT-1860QTD
Voltage AC220~240V, 50Hz
Ultrasonic Frequency 40KHz
Ultrasonic Power 150W
Heating Power 300W
Tank capacity 6 ลิตร
Tank size(mm) 300×155×150 (L×W×H)
Overall size(mm) 330×180×310 (L×W×H)
Unit weight 6KG
Lid มี
Heating มี
Drainage มี
Cleaning basket มี

Stainless steel ultrasonic gun cleaners used for industrial purposes but can use in household, excellent effect to clean personal articles such as gold and silver jewelry, necklaces, earrings, glasses, nozzles, watches, mobile, denture, experiment and equipment

Stainless steel ultrasonic cleaners are faster, more consistent, and safer than any other cleaning product that utilizesan ultrasonic cleaning process. Hand scrubbing, soaking, or steam does not even come close.

Stainless steel ultrasonic cleaners are portable but include the same high power, rugged transducers found on industrial systems sold to the automotive, electronics, and metalworking industries. These Gun Ultrasonic Cleaners use engineered ceramics to assure both durability and superior power. Gun Ultrasonic Cleaner are coupled with a new sweep frequency capability, so you get the best possible cleaning every time, all the time.



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